Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit

Establish a line of credit loan to create a revolving loan for your business.  A line of credit loan will allow you to access funds according to your needs.  This unsecured loan is available in amounts from $500 - $50,000 and can be used as overdraft protection. 

  • Offers flexible repayment terms with a minimum payment of 2% of the outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater. 
  • Revolving line offers convenience and ongoing availability of funds for short-term needs.  
  • You can save time by accessing your line of credit through Online Business Banking.
  • No annual fee.
  • Minimum loan amount is $1,000.
  • Amounts over $10,000 include an annual credit review.

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Apply for a business line of credit at any Westerra branch or call 303-321-4209. If you would like a representative to contact you, submit a Business Services Request Form.