Open Your Account

Documents to Bring When Opening Your Account

Open a Business Account

You may also stop by any branch location or schedule an appointment to open a new business account. Please bring the required documents listed below based upon the type of business:

Limited Liability Company
      Articles of Organization
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4
      Operating Agreement (if requested)

      Articles of Incorporation
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4
      Bylaws/Meeting Minutes (if requested)

Non-Profit Organization
If Organized as an Association:
      Articles of Association or Statement of Appointing an Agent
If Organized as a Corporation:
      Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Corporation
For Both Types:
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4

      Statement of Trade Name*
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4*
           *if applicable

Business or School Club or Informal Non-Profit Account
      A letter from the principal of the school or business owner(s) giving permission to use the TIN of the business or school
     Form SS-4 (TIN- for Banking Purposes)

If you have questions, please contact us at 303-321-4209 or If you would like a representative to contact you, please submit a request.