5 Steps to Switch

Switching your checking account may be easier than you think!

Five Steps to Switch

To open your Westerra Checking Account, complete the Membership Form and bring it to any branch location--or you can open your account online!

Follow These Steps to Make an Easy Switch
You will need to use your new 13-digit account number to switch any automated deposits and withdrawals. 
You can also use the printable checklist.

How To Determine Your Full 13-Digit Account Number
Additional digits are required for checks and for automated transactions, such as payroll deposits and loan payments. Place your base 8-digit account number in the designated section. The digits 100 are added to the left of the account number, as shown below. If your account number is less than 8 digits, add zeros after 100 to fill the spaces. Two digits are also added to the right of the account number to designate the specific account (Account ID) you would like funds to be moved to or from.

1 0 0    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __     __ __                       
                        Base Account Number               Account ID

Account IDs
Prime Share/Savings Account = 00
Checking Account = 03,08,09,10,80 (Examples)
Money Market Account = 10,16 (Examples)

1.  Change your payroll or direct deposit. 

- Complete, print and send the Westerra Direct Deposit Form to each company that sends you payroll.
- If you receive Social Security, complete the Social Security Direct Deposit Form. Visit www.ssa.gov/deposit for more information.
You will need your previous financial institutions ABA Routing Number.

2.  Update any automatic payments and withdrawals.

- Complete, print and send the Advice of Banking Account Change Form to each company that automatically debits money from your account.

3.  If you used Bill Pay with your previous financial institution, keep a record of your Bill Pay payee information.

- This record will make it easier to set up your Westerra Bill Pay payees. Keep track of payee names, addresses and phone numbers. Also keep a record of the frequencies and due dates of these bills.
Learn more about Westerra's Online Banking and Bill Pay service.

4.  Update any recurring debit card transactions.

- Update your new debit card number, expiration date and CVV number/security code with the companies you pay using your new debit card number.

5.  Close your old checking account.

- Monitor your old checking account to ensure all checks and ACH debits have cleared.
- Complete, print and send the Account Closure Letter to your former financial institution.

View additional forms to assist you in managing your account.