How to Determine Your Account Number

How to Determine Your Account (MICR) Number

For Use in Changing or Setting Up Automated Transactions and for Check Printing -  Additional digits are required for checks and for automated transactions, such as payroll deposits and loan payments. Place your base account number in the designated section. Add the digit 1 to the left of the base account number, as shown below. (If your account number has fewer digits, adjust the number of zeros to the left to total 10 digits.) Two digits are also added to the right of the base account number to designate the specific account you would like funds to be moved to or from, to total 13 digits.

1 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __  __ __                       
        Base 10-Digit Number        2-Digit Account ID

Account IDs 
Prime Share/Savings Account = 00
Checking Account = 03,08,09,10,80 (Examples)
Money Market Account = 10,16 (Examples)
Business Savings Account = 40
Business Checking Account = 41,42,43,44,48
Business Money Market Account = 45,49

The full 13 digit account number is required for checks and automated transactions along with the Westerra Routing & Transit Number. 

You can find your Account Number (sometimes referred to as MICR number) by logging into Online Banking and selecting the Deposit account for which you would like the information. Click Account Information to view the full MICR number. If you have checks, your Account Number can also be found at the bottom of your checks.

The Westerra Credit Union Routing and Transit (R&T) number is 302075319.

The terms account number and member number are sometimes used interchangeably, referencing the same number.