ATM Dispute

Dispute an ATM Transaction


  • The incorrect amount or no amount was dispensed from the ATM.
  • The amount you deposited differs from the amount on your receipt.


  • You will need to fill out the ATM Transaction Dispute Form. Include any receipts when submitting the form.
  • This investigation is dependent on the ATM Terminal owner.
  • Typically your account will receive a provisional credit within 10 business days after we receive the dispute form.
  • The dispute form must be submitted no later than 60 days after the transaction date.
  • If the dispute is resolved in your favor, the provisional credit will become permanent and you will be advised in writing.  If the disputed transaction is not resolved in your favor, you will receive written notification prior to the funds being reversed.

To submit the ATM Transaction Dispute form, please return the form and any additional documents within 10 days to:

Mail:  Westerra Credit Union, Attn: Card Services Dept., 3700 East Alameda Avenue Denver, CO 80209, or

Fax:  1-855-610-5478, or

Scan and Email:

Please call Card Services at 303-321-4209 with any questions and to verify the receipt of your form and documents.