Merchant Dispute

Dispute a Merchant Transaction


  • The merchandise or service was not as described.
  • You did not receive the merchandise or services.
  • You were overcharged.
  • You were promised a credit and did not receive it.
  • You were charged twice.


  • You must contact the merchant to attempt to resolve the dispute by making arrangements to return the merchandise and/or cancel the service. In most cases you can resolve the dispute with the merchant.
  • If you are unsuccessful in resolving the disputed transaction directly with the merchant, complete the Merchant Transaction Dispute Form. Attach all documents to support your claim. This can be a contract, work order, communication information, cancellation or confirmation information.
  • The dispute form must be submitted no later than 60 days after you received the statement on which the disputed transaction appeared.
  • Typically, your account will receive a provisional credit within 10 business days after the receipt of your dispute form, dependent upon the card and transaction type.
  • If the dispute is resolved in your favor the provisional credit will become permanent and you will be advised in writing. If the disputed transaction is not resolved in your favor, you will receive written notification prior to the funds being reversed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Why am I being asked to contact the merchant?

A:  In some cases, Visa requires that the merchant be given the opportunity to resolve the dispute whether it’s to replace damaged merchandise, cancel a reoccurring charge, credit your account, etc. You should always take note of the date, time, and the name of the person you spoke to.  You must retain any cancellation, confirmation, or other identification information if provided. Retain all written communication such as e-mail correspondence as it will support your proof to attempt to resolve the disputed transaction with the merchant.

Q:  I just accepted a trial offer.  Why am I still being charged?

A:  In most cases if you accepted a trial offer you must follow the merchant’s instructions to cancel, otherwise you may be obligated to pay a monthly charge.

Q:  I don’t recognize the name of this merchant.

A:  Many times the name of the merchant on your transaction may not match the name of the merchant where you shopped. Contact Card Services. We will attempt to help you identify the name of the merchant you recognize.

Q:  Why is it taking so long for the merchant to credit my account?

A:  Per Visa® regulations a merchant has 15 days after receipt of the returned merchandise or you receive a credit transaction receipt to issue a refund.

Q:  What should I do if the merchant gave me a credit after Westerra gave me provisional credit?

A:  Please contact Westerra with this information. We will reverse our provisional credit but we must wait for the merchant credit to be reported to us.

To submit the Merchant Dispute form, please return the form and any additional documents within 10 days to:

Mail:  Westerra Credit Union, Attn: Card Services Dept., 3700 East Alameda Avenue Denver, CO 80209

Fax:  855-610-5478

Scan and Email:

Please call Card Services at 303-321-4209 with any questions and to verify the receipt of your form and documents.