Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Are you looking for a loan to pay off education expenses, purchase a new auto, make home improvements, consolidate debt, pay off a credit card or make other purchases? Westerra's Personal Loans, Personal Lines of Credit or Secured Loans may be a great solution for you!

Personal Loans

A Personal Loan is an alternative to a credit card and the funds can be used for almost anything you choose. This type of loan offers a fixed rate and term, is not secured by collateral and has set monthly payments.

Personal Lines of Credit

With a Personal Line of Credit you only pay interest on what you use and different than a Personal Loan, it is a revolving line of credit. 

If you have equity in your home, and are looking for a larger loan or line of credit, learn about our Home Equity Lines of Credit product.

Certificate of Deposit Secured Loan

Certificate Secured Loans are secured 100% by your Westerra Certificate of Deposit (CD) and your loan term will match your CD term. The interest rate is typically lower because the loan is secured. Also, you continue to earn interest on your CD pledged as collateral. 

Savings Secured Loan

These loans are secured 100% by your Westerra Share Savings account. This is a great way to maintain the balance in your account, plus you continue to earn interest on your savings pledged as collateral.

VISA Credit Cards

Choose the card that works best for you--with low rates and no balance transfer fees. Learn more.

Equal Opportunity Lender.