For Added Security, Receive Real-Time Transaction Notifications

The free CardNav App by CO-OP allows you to manage the use of your Westerra debit cards and credit cards for an added layer of security:  

  • You'll receive real-time notifications on your phone every time a transaction is made on your account enabling you to quickly identify any unauthorized transactions, stopping any fraud immediately.
  • Turn your cards on or off instantly. If you see an unauthorized transaction, turn your card off and contact the credit union to report the unauthorized activity.  If you inadvertently leave your card at a merchant, turn the card off until you are able to retrieve it.
  • Set spending limits and specify types of transactions.
  • Set approved merchant locations.
  • Search for nearby ATMs through the ATM Locator.
  • Gain peace of mind in the event your card is lost or stolen. Simply turn the card off and contact the credit union.

Getting Started

On your mobile device, open App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android), search for CardNav and download the App.

  • Launch the App and register as a new user.
  • Enter your card information, personal information and create your Username and Password.
  • You can then set your Control and Alert Preferences.
  • You will use your new Username and Password the next time you open the App.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.