Our Mission

Our Mission

Care Deeply. Educate Endlessly. Enrich Life.

Westerra is here to provide every single person in our community with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions, to dream big about the future, and to provide their family with the ability to lean into life with full confidence.  We believe that financial comfort isn’t only for the wealthy, but can be had by everyone.  

Care Deeply 

  • Make a Difference For Every Member.  At Westerra, it is important to us to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families who use our credit union.  We do this by listening.  We focus our time, resources and efforts to help you with your individual needs.
  • Everyone Has the Right to Choose a Credit Union.  Westerra believes everyone should have the option to choose to use a not-for-profit credit union.  That's why Westerra is open to everyone who lives or works in the 7-county Denver metro area--and their families.  Since 1934, we have offered opportunity and growth locally to our members.
  • A Trusted Resource.  People trust Westerra Credit Union. Locally owned by our members, Westerra has earned a reputation as a trusted resource and a valued partner.  Members know they can count on their credit union as a safe place to save and borrow, with competitive rates, quality products, solid expertise, and top-notch service.

Educate Endlessly

  • A Commitment to Financial Education.  Eight Denver teachers started our credit union in 1934--and that focus on education endures.  Westerra staff provide one-on-one financial assistance to members every day.  That's why we are here.  
  • Educational Seminars and Online Resources.  You will also find a variety of educational events and seminars designed to help students of all ages learn how to buy a first home, how to manage credit, and other topics to help you make the most of your money.  A variety of online resources are also available.
  • Deep Roots in Our Schools.  It is important to us to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families who use our credit union—and the community we share. Serving Denver Public SchoolsDouglas County SchoolsJeffco Schools and other districts in the Denver metro area, Westerra is committed to furthering financial education and supporting community initiatives.

Enrich Life

  • Working For You.  At Westerra, we take great pride in the top-notch quality service provided by our professional staff. Our high standards and reputation for exceeding member expectations differentiate us from other financial institutions. The dedicated Westerra team is Working For You.
  • A Focus on Our Community.  Westerra employees volunteer on boards and committees, support community initiatives, coach sports teams, volunteer at their local school, and work to make a difference in their communities. You’ll also see Westerra assisting in financial literacy education in our classrooms, sponsoring community events, and providing business/employment opportunities. 
  • A Cooperative Spirit.  We believe that more can be accomplished by working together.  Westerra puts this belief into action by working cooperatively with our sponsor organizations and by taking a leadership role in our local communities and the state and national credit union community.

A financial community empowering members to achieve their dreams.